About Us

In a relatively short period of time Catalyst Changers has become a recognized go-to source for the Oil, Gas and Petro-chemical Industry when they need dependable Catalyst Changeover and Shutdown Maintenance Services.

The Company was formed by experienced personnel that have been in the Catalyst handling industry for a combined 80 plus years.  In every area of our business we endeavor to put the right people in a position that best benefits our customer’s needs. When you call us the person you will be speaking with is fully versed in the unique requirements of Catalyst changeover, will take into account the specific challenges that apply to your sector and formulate a service schedule that addresses your needs. When a crew is dispatched to do the work you can be assured that they are an experienced group – in fact it is a safe bet that many of them have worked on your site at one time or another – and they will be well prepared for the task at hand.

Experience is important, and having the right equipment is equally important. We currently run a fleet of 7 vacuum trucks with knife gates mounted on the sides that are specifically designed to vacuum pyrophoric materials into the appropriate containers for safe removal and disposal. Our capabilities also include, gravity dumping, vacuum unloading, sock loading, dense loading, tube unloading and loading, industrial vacuuming, disposal and nitrogen services.

Our “Inert Entry” helmet systems with gas monitoring, state of the art video monitoring equipment, complete with data entry capability, ensures that critical work is done in the safest manner, for our people and for our customers.

Safety is priority one for us, and we know it is for our customers as well. To date, since opening, we have completed over 100 projects without a single workplace injury being recorded. Currently we are sitting with a ‘zero TRIFF rating’ Something we are very proud of.

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